Youtube Channel to Watch; Epic Soccer Training

Soccer Training

This Epic Soccer Training  is relatively new channel and I’ve been keeping my eye on them. The main star of this channel is a left footed ex-professional footballer who goes by the name of Matt Smith, he is a very solid player and he knows his stuff. The videos on his channel can be enjoyed by players of all experience levels and skill levels. I picked up a few tips and tricks from the guy, so if I can get something out of it I’m sure anyone can.

Matt  has amassed a decent collection of videos that will appeal to players of every experience  level. The veterans will find it a helpful refresher, and will get a fresh point of view. Newer players will find the channel a wellspring of information and a great game booster. One of the videos I would like to highlight is his Top 5 Soccer Training Drills. I’ve found it to  be very helpful and go through the drills during my training sessions in addition to some of my own.

This channel might not have the huge cache of videos that Online Soccer Academy has but it is definitely a channel to watch and keep your eye on. It may be a smaller channel now but I can see it going places in the future.

So head on over to Epic Soccer Training on YouTube and get some pointers. Maybe you will even learn how to finally perfect the Rabona! Also make sure you like their Facebook page.

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