Best Boots Options for Under $100

Best Boots under $100

For some of us the $150 top tier boots are a little out of reach. There are a lot of boot snobs out there who will avoid mid-tier boots at all cost and because of this they shell out the extra cash for the top tier versions which can be up to $100 or more than the mid tier versions.

For example the Nike Miracle is $119.99 while the Vapor version is $219.99! That is a $100 difference right there. I actually prefer the Miracle to the Vapor version and I find the extra $100 a little over the top. I’ve found that a lot of economic releases are able to compete with the top tier boots to some degree, so far in the Puma Liga Finale i (finally) testing I’m finding that they are one of my favorite boots. Part of that has to do with the fact that I only got them for under $30!

So what boots give top quality performance for under $100?

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1. Adidas Copa Mundial – $99.99

I decided to start off with the most tried and trusted boot on the market. I know players who have played in them for decades and have stayed loyal to them even with companies pumping out tech loaded boots. Simple and sweet, under $100. Great option for people on a budget and looking for something reliable.

2. Nike Trequartista III – $85.49

I was very pleased when I found that the mid-tier CTR360 II were priced under $90. The Trequartista have always proven to be some of the best midtier boots out there, I love the Kanga-Lite they use on it. Nike also doesn’t totally skip out on the tech so you are getting bang for the buck.

3. Lotto Futura 100 – $99.99

Bryan has dubbed these “one of the most durable speed releases available!” in his review and boy do they look the part! They may not be a true blue speed boot but definitely worth adding to the gear bag.

4. Nike Tiempo Flight – $89.99

Now this is most likely on a lot of peoples lists. I definitely want to get my hands on a pair of my own. “Having tested them, these boots stand as one of the best value for money options on the market in my opinion.” is what Bryan had to say about them.

5. Puma Liga finale i – $44.99

So this boot has been a big surprise for me. I’ve found using the boot thoroughly enjoyable and even would choose them over some of the more expensive boots I got. I suggest everyone keep a pair in their bag as a back up boot if not for a match or practice boot.

6. Pirma Supreme III – $69.99

This is Pirma’s take on a speed boot and they managed to get the weight down to 7.6oz making them the lightest boot you can get for under $90. Still it is pretty impressive that they managed to cut the weight down to under 80z. The upper also has texture to it and padding so it is a great boot for the price.

7. Diadora Maracana 12 – $97.99

Alright, classy and kangaroo leather for under $100 makes for a great boot. It is a little less expensive than the Copa Mundial and gives you a bit more technology than the old school boot. Bryan said in his review that they will suite every position and are a heritage/lightweight hybrid.

8. Nike T90 Strike IV – $89.99

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this boot. The Laser and Strike are pretty similar. The material used in the Laser’s upper is higher quality, the shield moves with the foot more efficiently, and the comfort is better but that is pretty much it. The only issue Bryan had in review was that the upper was slightly rigid in the forefoot

9. Adidas F30 – $94.99

The main selling boot is protection and durability and it also closely resembles the top tier F50. They are very average however and in Bryan’s review he classified them as being more of a back up boot than preferred option. However I know a few who swear by them so I’ve heard from the opposite end of the spectrum.

10. Nike Mercurial Glide VIII – $89.99

Weighing in at 8.2oz we have the second to last Mercurial tier. It may not be as good as the Vapor or Miracle but it has 4 studs in the back which might be a game changer for people deciding on whether or not to pick up the Glide or Miracle. I’m kinda interested in testing them out.

There are a lot of top tier boots that are available for under $100 dollars on sale and definitely go for those if you can. However don’t snub any boot, they just might be your new favorite. Prices will vary depending on what site or store you go to but the prices listed are pretty general. If you want to get risky go to ebay for some amazing deals.

What boot under $100 do you think you would go for?

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  • Charlie

    the new absolions, theyre really soft and theres no change in the zones

  • Ahaj

    Under Armour Dominate 99.99 but even ua has been selling it for 49.99 for thr last two years

  • dcyiddo05

    Another option is to hunt for deals on previous gen boots. Bryan recently posted about Nike’s clearance with Maestri II for about $100. Another example – I recently picked up Diadora DD Eleven for $109 from Amazon.

  • Tim

    You can find old AdiPure’s for >100 dollars now if you hunt around a bit!

  • pale

    Joma granada,is made in spain,full kangaroo leather, and all I can say this boot is awesome..from fit to performance, to durability to value I would recommend this cleats to anybody tired of all the fairy tales (latest technology) added to new cleats releases..this won’t make you a better player this is what they want you to think in order to keep you buying a new pair every time they release their lates silos…I’ve tried lots of cleats,joma granada is the best for its high quality and can grab a pair from $50 to $90..can’t go wrong with these…

  • steve

    hi i know this is for 100 and under but since you mentioned the miracles. would you go with the miracle III’s or the trequarista III’s? cant decide between the two

    • JimTheSoccerGuy

      Since I haven’t worn the Trequartista III’s yet but I would prefer the stud configuration a whole lot more than the Miracle III’s. The two blades in the back didn’t earn my confidence at all. Also it has one of the best uppers on the market.