JimtheSoccerGuy’s Top 10 Colorways on the Market

There are so many colorways on the market that it is sometimes hard to find a boot that has just the right amount of appeal. I find that I have a varying taste when it comes to which boots I like the look of and which ones I don’t. Sometimes I don’t like the look of a boot because the colors used in the upper don’t quite complement each other well enough, or the colors used are just plain ugly!! But of course, companies use certain colorways because they are so eye-catchingly ugly that they appeal to the showboat players.

The all important question is What boots on the market right now have the perfect amount of pop?

Here is a breakdown of my Top 10 colorways currently on the market. (Make sure to follow Jimthesoccerguy on Facebook)

10. Nike T90 Laser IV – Soar/Black/Metallic Silver

Blue T90 Laser IV

Blue, Black and Silver. I think it would be hard to come up with a design where those three colors wouldn’t look good together. So far nike has been pretty good picking out colorways for the t90. The only odd ones out would be the Dark Grey/Black/Solar Red colorway and the Euro White/Black/Electric Green.
Current Retail: $219.99

9. Adidas Predator LZ – Bright Gold/Black/White

Adidas Predator LZ Gold

Adidas seems to have finally figured out how to make the LZ look good, though I still think the colorways I made on Miadidas look better than anything they are coming out with. But this one is the best so far, they keep it simple and make it eye catching. The gold almost looks orange which is pretty sweet. It reminds me  Lotto Futura 100 in Dark Mandarin orange colorway.
Current Retail: $197.99

8. Nike5 Bomba Finale – Black/Blue Glow/Black

Bomba Finale (a)

At first look these boots struck me as looking awkward but as I’ve gotten used to them I’ve grown to really like the look. The blue really brings out the shot shield which is the main attraction of the boot. Nike have released five Bomba colorways with three of them being pretty similar, they offer a Black/Green, Black Pink colorway in addition to the Black/Blue. For those who want something flashier the two other colorways are brighter.
Current Retail: $98.99

7. Pele Sports 3E K – Black/High Risk Red

Pele Trinity K

High tech with a Classic look. Pele Sports has been trying to give their futuristic speed boot a classy spin in an attempt to make it look heritage. They have succeeded in this colorway. I like how it looks sharp, high tech and old school at the same time. I find that I prefer this colorway to the initial Neon green/black color way. The leather upper also gives it a softer look than the synthetic version.
Current Retail: $229.99

6. Nike Mercurial – Sail/Soar/Challenge Red

Nike Miracle III

It is no secret that I’m not a fan of the Mango colorway of the V8 or the Euro colorway for that matter. Initially I just got this particular colorway for testing because it was the best looking boot available in the V8 range, but as it so happens I’ve grow to like white/blue boots lately. These are fresh and “look like they are made of fondant” according to one admirer of the colorway. Initially they look unreal, but after play the white really gets dingy and loses some appeal. Oh well…
Current Retail: Vapor $191.99 or Miracle $112.99

5. Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro II – Black/Black/Charcoal

Blackout UA Hydrastrike

When I first saw the Hydrastrike II I really liked the look but not the color. So I’m very glad they came out with an all black colorway. The stitching looks great and it manages to look both masculine and classy. I think UA has finally found their footing in the football market with this release. Yes, there are a few black out colorways on the market but I think this one is the best looking out of them. It beats out the adiPro11 Blackout by miles.
Current Retail: $124.99

4. Puma evoSPEED 1 – White/Limoges/Ribbon Red

Puma evoSPEED Synthetic

4. Puma evoSPEED 1 – White/Limoges/Ribbon Red
Bryan isn’t a big fan of how this boot looks but I am! Call me patriotic but I like red, white and blue boots or any combination of the above. There are a few times where I really like the initial colorway of any boot but puma did a good job. It does remind me a bit of the Sail/Soar/Challenge red Mercurial colorway for obvious reasons but I think that Puma pulls off the color combo a bit better. I would have put the leather version in the 4 spot but the stitching is a bit unappealing to me.
Current Retail: $184.99

3. Adidas F50 adiZero – Graphic Pink

Graphic Pink adiZero

The most recent f50 colorway stands out from the rest. Pretty much all of the adiZero colorways have looked awkward for the most part (the one exception being the Prime Blue/White/Core Energy colorway) but these just look amazing. I usually don’t like pink boots because they usually are just a bit too bright for my taste but pairing it up with black and giving it a sweet pattern makes this one a winner. Adidas should stick with this pattern for future colorways, it gives it  a stylized vibe and dramatically reduces the level of awkward.
Current Retail: $199.99

2. Umbro GT2 Pro – Prism Violet/Vapor Blues/Summer Green

Violet GT Pro

Yes, I do think these boots are the second best looking boot currently on the market. If you’ve seen my boot designs you can tell I’m a fan of a Purple/Blue/Red combo, with this release they have 2/3 of those colors and on top of that they made it fade together. The hints of green on the studs adds a nice touch to the boot. All the colors really pop without being blindingly bright and obnoxious. This fills most of my requirements for a good looking boot, but it is not the best looking boot of all time in my book. Still it was hard assigning this boot the #2 spot.
Current Retail: $149.99

1. Puma PowerCat 1.12 – Gravity Edition

PowerCat Gravity

I’m usually not into crazy colorways but Puma always comes up with the most uniquely designed boots. I always enjoy a boot featuring an out of the ordinary design and this has to be one of the best. I like how the left boot and right boot have different patterning, this is definitely one of the most eye catching boots on the market, and they managed to do it in a unique way without making it ugly. I’ve always been a fan of puma specialty colorways, they usually manage to blow me away. This boot has accomplished just that. The #1 spot is well earned, nicely done puma!
Current Retail: $179.99

What is the best looking colorway on the market right now in your opinion? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Cbutler

    man you guys have questionable taste…

    • http://twitter.com/JimTheSoccerGuy JimTheSoccerGuy

      Nope just me. Just stay tuned for my top ten ugliest colorways.

  • Suh9615

    i kinda liked the blue infrared adizeros that they wore during the euro. they almost looked pinkish on the field too

  • Guest

    Wait, so this is actually a real article? This is the absolute definition of an exceptionally poor off-season article. You really need to pick up your act

    • http://twitter.com/JimTheSoccerGuy JimTheSoccerGuy

      So what site do you write for then? Got any advice? 

  • Shyam

    This is interesting, I agree whole heartedly on 1-3 and also really like the Bomba and Predator LZ colorway you chose, but found the other five to be totally unremarkable. None of them were so bad that I would consider not buying the shoe, but I can think of at least two laser colorways and one evospeed colorway I like more just within those ranges. 

    • http://twitter.com/JimTheSoccerGuy JimTheSoccerGuy

      I had trouble choosing the t90 colorway I liked the most. But like I said their are only two t90 colorways that I didn’t like. As for the Evospeed the colorway I chose is my favorite out of the 3 they have on the market. 

      • Shyam

        The T90 has some of the best colorway choices in soccer so I can see why it would have been hard (they also have some really varied choices so it seems like everyone should be able to find a color they like, regardless of their preferences). My personal favorite is the red one, followed by the new one that’s part of the black pack. I generally didn’t care much for any of the Evospeed colorways, but think the orange is the best. 

        Mostly, I just thought it was interesting that I agreed with you on five of the colorways and disagreed on the other five. Normally when i see lists like this, I either disagree or agree on almost all. Ultimately, colorways are the kind of thing that truly boils down to personal taste and I find I either have a very similar or very different taste to the person making the list. So here, I was just surprised to see such an even split between colorways I liked and ones I disliked. 

        Then again, I love both colorways on the Diadora Solano (and from what I understand, most people don’t), so it’s not like having the same tastes as me is the key to widespread agreement.