Update From Ireland – Second Big Away Win

Another great week of training was capped off with a fantastic 2-1 win yesterday, away to high flying Coill Dubh. After last weeks 2-0 win, it marks 6 important points in back-to-back games for Castle Villa, who are now firmly in the mid-table mix up.

I bettered last weeks performance by netting the first goal of the game! Unfortunately it did take me several decent chances to finally score, but even after one or two suspect misses it is all about continuing to graft and create opportunities. In the first half, I thought I had scored a pretty valid goal only for the ref to make a very controversial decision and call an offside – wasn’t happy about that one at all!

The second goal of the game came from an unlikely source – centerback Alan Hickey. He made his way forward for a corner and found the ball at his feet inside the area, priceless expression on his face after he bagged his first of the season. It was another fantastic performance from the team, with everyone playing a role in getting a great result. Honestly, if the team had been playing like this all season they would be closer to the top of the table, and they might actually be if they continue playing this way for the final 3 games of the season.

Boots – so this weekend I decided to bring out the trusty Adidas Predator LZ on game day. During the week I wore the Trinity K (review) and the UA 10K Force Pro (working on a reviewing them) but I feel like I have been missing something with a little extra touch/finesse on the ball. Playing on dry, artificial turf and wet, natural grass is very different and requires some retraining. To be honest, there have been plenty of times when I’ve misjudged a pass due to the speed of play and I decided to go with the Preds in order to allow for a little extra grip when controlling the ball. The Adidas stud configuration is also a great option for playing on natural grass, so they were an ideal choice and ultimately played an important role in my personal performance.

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This weeks agenda is changed up slightly, with a friendly match at home on Wednesday followed by a home league game on Sunday vs Kildare Town – YES, I WILL GET TO PLAY IN A HOME GAME!! I am absolutely pumped for that game and will be looking forward to it all week. It will also be my final game here this summer.

(For those of you wondering what the heck this post is all about, make sure to check out Summer Signing – The “Castle Villa” Project and stay tuned for more updates)

Castle Villa Freekick

Villa Sideline

Villa Sideline2

Offside Explained

Villa Players

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  • dominic

    Hey Brian, I truely agree with you the predators lz are great place on natural grass I play in Tucson, Az where its extremely dry heat 101 up to 110 and i feel like i get the greater traction and feel on the ball with my preds plus still working on how to utilize all the different zone during penalty kicks i find the sweet spot to give great bend and pace on the ball but im really impressed with the feel i get on the ball and i was i habitual adipure wearer the last pair of adipure i had bought were the adipure 3 sl which i thought was great not a fan of the new ones

  • dominic

    Also Bryan have you seen the new Nike maestro 3 boots what are your thoughts about them also i was wondering that if you get a pair to test if you can do a comparisons test between them and the predators lz because both of them are control boot even though adiddas has the lz as a power boot thank